Adding free TV program listings to EyeTV

To automatically get and add free television listings to eyetv do the following.
  • Create a directory called eyetv (you can call it whatever your want). I put it in my website document folder. My directory in this example has the following path:
  • Make sure that directory also has the mc2xml exec, available here. Ensure that the script has executable permissions (755). The mc2xml download site is down occasionally so a google search might be necessary to find it.
  • Manually run the mc2xml exec at least once. In my case I used the following shell commands:

cd /Library/WebServer/Documents/eyetv

/Library/WebServer/Documents/eyetv/mc2xml -c us -g 13669

Use your own postal/zip code for your own location of course. I found that the US Zip code just over the border was best for me. All mc2xml options are explained in this pdf Download file "mc2xml.pdf".
Once mc2xml is run, files called mc2xml & xmltv.xml are created. You may need to answer one prompt for reception type. In my case it was for over the air channels. Your case may be different. You will need to keep the resulting mc2xml.dat & xmltv.xml files in this directory. The .dat file contains your exec preferences/data and the .xml file, the downloaded tv listings xml file. They are needed so mc2xml will not prompt you again for this information and only run if there has been an update.
  • Create a shell script looking something like this, (use your own directory paths and filenames of course). Ensure that the script has executable permissions (755).
-------------------shell script
cd /Library/WebServer/Documents/eyetv

# open EyeTV with file
open -a EyeTV /Library/WebServer/Documents/eyetv/xmltv.xml
  • Open EyeTV. In EyeTV clear the EPG database (goto program guide - under top tab on left). Close EyeTV.
  • Run your just created shell script once to make sure it runs mc2xml and opens EyeTV.
In EyeTV, under channels set the individual channels to use xml as your EPG and your newly created television listings should be there!
  • Make a crontab to run this shell script when you want. I run it once a day at 4:18am
The crontab looks something like this
18 04 * * * /Library/WebServer/Documents/eyetv/

  • You can also manually open EyeTV with the xml file by simply dragging and releasing the xmltv.xml over theEyeTV application icon - either in a finder window or in the dock. Ya gotta love macs....

as per comment from Pobregizmo, sometimes eyetv at first will act like it does not have any EPG data. Just ensure that the database file has been in fact updated ( see /Library/Application\ Support/EyeTV/Shared/EyeTVEPG.db ). If it has been updated the trick is to simply do a clean eyetv autoscan of channels and the epg data should then be magically available when you change the channel epg to xmltv.
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Pobregizmo (unauthenticated)
Mar 3, 2011

Thank you for posting this!!! Got everything to work fine, copied the shell script out of the post, but when I get back to eyetv, it doesn't list any channels. I assign epg to xmltv, and it says to pick a channel, where it just says none. Please help me out! I would LOVE to get this working! Thanks again for the help!!

Evoshroom (unauthenticated)
Apr 4, 2011

I had the same problem as Pobregizmo, but if you restart EyeTV the channels appear. You will still probably have to switch the EPG from ATSC/Opencable to XMLTV, but after that it works great.

This is an amazing solution.

James (unauthenticated)
Jun 9, 2011

do you get any of the digital channel listings with this? I'm not seeing CityTV 17.1 or CBC 4.1 in the line-up just the analog channels. I'm using the exact same zip code. I tried my postal code and ca as the country code and I get cbc 4.1 but I do not get city tv 17.1

Jun 11, 2011

James, sometimes you need to use a second zip for a channel. I think I use city-tv from a Toronto postal code. Some stations I use Toronto, some Ottawa, some Watertown, some Plattsburg. I have a separate entry on how to use multiple xml listings

Rob (unauthenticated)
Aug 1, 2011

When I try to run "mc2xml" (alone or with any parameters) I get the response "Bus error: 10". Any thoughts?

Aug 4, 2011

Bus error:10 is some kind of system instruction/memory error. Don't think it is related to mc2xml implementation. I would delete and get a fresh version of mc2xml and do a restart of your mac.

dseven (unauthenticated)
Aug 25, 2011

Very cool! Thanks for sharing. I'd been struggling with the OTA ATSC EPG since EyeTV dropped TitanTV support. This is mechanism looks like it's going to work great, and this post helped get it set up quickly and easily.

Cory (unauthenticated)
Sep 27, 2011

When I run mc2xml, the last line I see is "Status: No new data available."
I can't seem to get it working.

Oct 3, 2011

Sounds like the comment mc2xml gives when it thinks you have good current data and you are requesting more. I would remove all the mc2xml created files and run mc2xml again.

Alex (unauthenticated)
Jan 9, 2012

/Library/WebServer/Documents/eyetv/mc2xml: Permission denied
Can't seem to fix that error Permission denied. I check permissions.

Any ideas

Aly_Oops (unauthenticated)
Feb 3, 2012

Get Permission denied when I launch mc2xml

ThunderBolt:~ alex$ /Library/WebServer/Documents/eyetv/mc2xml
-bash: /Library/WebServer/Documents/eyetv/mc2xml: Permission denied
ThunderBolt:~ alex$

Any ideas, I tried resetting permissions, didn't make any difference. Does this work okay with latest Lion OS and iMac?

Johan (unauthenticated)
Mar 10, 2012

Installation and script worked fine. Tried with EyeTV 200 (EU version) and EyeTV 3.5.3 but XMLTV isn't listed under under the Guides tab in Preferences. Perhaps I need to assign channels first and select XMLTV from the EPG column in the channels list?

mph_88 (unauthenticated)
Aug 19, 2012

Great article! The EPG works perfectly when running on my mac, however when using the EyeTV iOS app on my iPad, the guide doesn't come through at all. Does anyone have a solution?

Noah (unauthenticated)
Jan 13, 2013

Great info, Thanks Jeff!!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but cron jobs don't run if your HTPC is asleep at the time of the job, however alarms set from iCal will run as soon as they can after they are missed (ie when you wake your mac). For that reason, I would prefer to update the schedules using an iCal alarm. Right?

Jan 18, 2013

My HTPC is set to sleep (prefs->energy saver) after 1 hour of inactivity yet my scripts run and the EPG is updated nightly, so I always assumed cron jobs run at all times.

Chuck (unauthenticated)
May 27, 2013

Thank you for the trick, now i can program eyetv to record my tvshow without headache. installation was easy if you follow your instructions. Thank you again!

Serge (unauthenticated)
Aug 23, 2013

Thank you so much for this, I works like a charm!!!

Bob (unauthenticated)
Sep 14, 2013

Script update to tell EyeTV to clear EPG db before loading:

cd <path to where you store your xmltv.xml file>

# clear epg db
tell application "EyeTV" to clear EPG database

# open EyeTV with file
open -a EyeTV xmltv.xml

Jeremyy (unauthenticated)
Jan 7, 2014

I'm on a 2011 Mac Mini running Mavericks and followed these instructions to the letter but when I close EyeTV and then execute "open -a EyeTV /Library/WebServer/Documents/eyetv/xmltv.xml" I get the spinning beach ball. EyeTV hangs forever. I tried restarting EyeTV, restarting the Mac, but no joy.

Jan 24, 2014

Not sure what could cause your issue. I am running Mavericks and these scripts on a couple of minis (2011,2013). Try to manually open with the xml file - close eyetv, then drop the xmltv.xml file on the application icon, opening it with the xml data. You may want to remove the old xml data first.

Jeremy (unauthenticated)
Jan 31, 2014

Thanks! I got this working correctly for the most part. The xml file populated all the EPG data in EyeTV as expected. Success! However, when the automated script runs at night to update the EPG data, I'm running into a problem. The log file shows that the script kicks off the EPG update process successfully but just after it begins writing to the xmltv.xml file I get the following error: "Error: fileopen". The process then shows: "Completed ... : 212310358 bytes in 8s, 0 channels, 0 programs scheduled". Any ideas?

Because the nightly update routine isn't working, I have to manually generate and import the xmltv.xml into EyeTV on a periodic basis.

Thanks again for your help!

Feb 6, 2014

Just in case - I would check your permissions of that directory and files within.

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