Welcome to the OTAMap support page. OTAMap is an iPhone/iPad app OTAMap - Arctic Surf Designs

OTAMap uses a nightly updated database to give you the latest Over The Air (OTA) television station information. OTAMap has been tested, and will work in all of the continental USA, Alaska, Canada, Hawaii and some US territories such as Puerto Rico.

OTA Map will list the first 150 OTA channels/stations within 150 miles of your current geographical position as indicated by your iPhone/iPad. With this tool you can quickly see what OTA stations may be available in your area.

With OTA you can view the position of the transmission towers, of any of these Over The Air television stations, in relationship to you. This can be used to help adjust your HD OTA antenna for local reception, for that hard to get station, or even the far far away channel that you have been trying to "DX" for quite a while. Whether you are on your roof or turning your rotor from your living room, OTAMap can help you.

Normally for simple local OTA reception, the direction of the antenna is not important as the signal can be very forgiving. Antennas may only be required to be aimed in the general area of the transmitter. With the digital signal of OTA television, the picture is usually perfect or not available at all. Most people tend to aim their antenna for the hardest, furthest station they would like to receive and the local stations may usually work. Another strategy is to simply aim for their most important station, while others aim towards the general area of most transmitters. This tool will help you decide and implement your reception strategy!


  • Lists up to 150 stations within 150 miles
  • List the true and magnetic compass readings to that station, from your current position
  • List the broadcasting power of the OTA station
  • View on a map, your current position in relationship to any listed station
  • View a contour map of the normal reception area of any listed station (not available for all Canadian stations)
  • View the transmission tower close-up, along with details of the tower
  • View a very geeky map view of all towers within 150 miles of your position. You can then touch on individual towers for more details.
  • A quick wiki reference to any listed station is available
  • A view of FCC database page for any listed station is also available
  • Works for both iPad and iPhone
  • Works in both portrait and landscape modes
  • Canadian customers will be given distances in kms and/or both miles/kms, US customers in miles.

Some iPhone version screen shots....

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